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Wade T.Smith (
Wed, 1 Oct 97 23:21:11 -0400

>>Which sounds like the finest argument for adopting a rational/skeptical
>>stance as I ever heard. (I do not consider it a belief system....)
>Why don't you consider it a belief system?

Ah- well, because it does not require faith. It requires observation =
sans bias. Faith is always a bias. The analogy Richard used of the =
square I (hopefully and aptly) expanded to the analogy of determining =
Pi, by increasing the sides of the enclosed polygon in the circle. =
Only the rational/skeptical stance is willing to add polygonal sides =
here- every other system relies on the faith that they have found =
enough (or even all) sides.

Belief systems set their polygons inside of reality once and for all, =
the rational/skeptical stance works to make the infinite. Like =
Aristotle's tortoise, we will never reach =87, but we can't accept =
beliefs into this stance. Question authority....

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