Re: virus: MS Weapon
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 18:40:59 -0600

At 04:44 PM 10/1/97 -0700, Eva-Lise Carlstrom wrote:

>Level-3 isn't just the ability to change your belief system, but the
>ability to change among belief systems. By the distinction, I mean that a
>Level-3 person isn't merely seeking to improve on a current model, but to
>keep multiple models around, and change among them depending on which
>aspects of the world one most wants illuminated at the time. In fact, the
>illumination metaphor seems like a good one; let me fill it in. A
>worldview is like a light source--using a particular kind and direction of
>light, we can see many aspects of the room we're in and its contents.
>Some light sources will be generally more useful than others, and some
>will be more helpful for specific purposes than others. None of them can
>illuminate everything in the room at once for us--all of them will cast
>shadows, and include only part of the spectrum. A Level-1 person is using
>whatever light source is handy, without particularly thinking about how it
>might be improved on. A Level-2 person is working to perfect eir light
>source--to make it bright, broad-spectrum, and well-positioned. A Level-3
>person has collected several lights of various types e has found useful,
>has probably worked on them a bit, and now uses them for different
>purposes, and/or switches among them to get new insights. E is also
>likely to be willing to play with new possibilities.


Level-1 lives in a box, Level-2 lives in a tunnel, and Level-3 lives
everywhere at once?

Regards, Sir Orpheus Q. Licentious