RE: virus: Meme, the Underlying Cause

Brett Lane Robertson (
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 22:02:24 -0500

At 03:57 PM 10/2/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Brett wrote:
>>I don't think one can be both objective and subjective--believing that there
>>is an objective truth *and* multiple truths that lead to a subjective
>>evaluation. Eventually one stops balancing one view against the other and
>>develops a third view which explains something (as opposed to passing it
>>back and forth without ever resolving it).

>Unless one is MAIDS positive.

>Brett, this is a typical Level-2 thinking, I want to save you, and bring you
>to Level-3. Just blindly follow me. :-)

>Regards, Tadeusz

When the women on this list smart off by making sexual innuendos or through
making light of a subject--bringing in cute shoes, or cheesecake--I'm
usually real quick to point out that this is not a chat-room and that the
proper place for such silliness related to the group is private email. I am
ahamed to say that I was slow on the uptake...seeing the humor in your
sarcastic attitude I smiled--and assumed that the humor was hiding some deep
understanding of the topic (an assumption I failed to make toward the
ladies--until now that is, sorry).

My attitude toward electronic mailing lists has become more lenient. They
attract all kinds (though I think that as more people get into computers the
IQ of the average computer user goes way down). My attitude toward women
has shown some improvement--I have seen some well-hidden intelligence in
their flippant remarks (not often, usually they are confused by the scope of
the posts and regress to childish or adolescent behavior...but sometimes).
I have also learned to loosen up some and appreciate the humor--as a relief
from the tedious nature of intelligent discourse.

I enjoyed your response above :) But, does it hide some deeper
intellectual truth? Or, is it "show-off" you need someone to
pay more attention to you? Are you threatened by the topic and are you
thus regressing to a more child-like level? Is childishness your
predominant way of interacting with others (should we start a list "Child-L"
for you)?

Or, is this a symptom of a much wider problem--anti-intellectualism,
anti-individualism, a group spirit's cry to the individual who excells to
slow down and wait for the rest to catch-up? Tossing catch-phrases around
and pointing fingers is not the way I learned to communicate with adults.


(Did I say that I enjoy your humor? Shame on me!)

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