RE: virus: Meme, the Underlying Cause

Eva-Lise Carlstrom (
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 09:54:34 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> At 03:57 PM 10/2/97 -0700, you wrote:
> >Brett wrote:
> >>I don't think one can be both objective and subjective--believing that there
> >>is an objective truth *and* multiple truths that lead to a subjective
> >>evaluation. Eventually one stops balancing one view against the other and
> >>develops a third view which explains something (as opposed to passing it
> >>back and forth without ever resolving it).
> >Unless one is MAIDS positive.
> >Brett, this is a typical Level-2 thinking, I want to save you, and bring you
> >to Level-3. Just blindly follow me. :-)
> >Regards, Tadeusz
> When the women on this list smart off by making sexual innuendos or through
> making light of a subject--bringing in cute shoes, or cheesecake--I'm
> usually real quick to point out that this is not a chat-room and that the
> proper place for such silliness related to the group is private email. I am
> ahamed to say that I was slow on the uptake...seeing the humor in your
> sarcastic attitude I smiled--and assumed that the humor was hiding some deep
> understanding of the topic (an assumption I failed to make toward the
> ladies--until now that is, sorry).
> My attitude toward electronic mailing lists has become more lenient. They
> attract all kinds (though I think that as more people get into computers the
> IQ of the average computer user goes way down). My attitude toward women
> has shown some improvement--I have seen some well-hidden intelligence in
> their flippant remarks (not often, usually they are confused by the scope of
> the posts and regress to childish or adolescent behavior...but sometimes).
> I have also learned to loosen up some and appreciate the humor--as a relief
> from the tedious nature of intelligent discourse.
> I enjoyed your response above :) But, does it hide some deeper
> intellectual truth? Or, is it "show-off" you need someone to
> pay more attention to you? Are you threatened by the topic and are you
> thus regressing to a more child-like level? Is childishness your
> predominant way of interacting with others (should we start a list "Child-L"
> for you)?
> Or, is this a symptom of a much wider problem--anti-intellectualism,
> anti-individualism, a group spirit's cry to the individual who excells to
> slow down and wait for the rest to catch-up? Tossing catch-phrases around
> and pointing fingers is not the way I learned to communicate with adults.
> Brett
> (Did I say that I enjoy your humor? Shame on me!)

I cannot find any point at which this post of yours connects with reality.
I don't know what it has to do with the quoted post from Tad, unless you
think Tadeusz is female and is offering you cheesecake, a strange delusion.
Recently there have been only two women posting on the list, myself and
Marie (the couple of other female list members I'm aware of having not
been talking lately). I don't think our posting styles are particularly
similar, nor does either of us fit your description of these imaginary
women of the list. I have seen no "cute shoes" or "cheesecake" presented
as post content. Nor have I seen any evidence for your fantasy about the
behaviour you supposedly "usually" engage in "when" this happens.
Sometimes list members do make sexual innuendoes, usually as jokes on the
side, and usually, oddly enough, apparently straight male to straight
male. In any case, your complaint about "women on the list" introducing
extraneous cute sexual comments and bringing down the intelligence level
of the list is both insulting and constructed out of thin air. It seems
to be some kind of attempt at creating in-group/out-group thinking based
on gender, which is particularly pathetic when directed against so few, on
such nonexistent grounds. Since I have been the most active female list
member for the past year or so, I view your post as a personal attack,
albeit one aimed at a straw woman with no resemblance to me other than
gender. Both your manners and the manner in which you choose to apply
your intellect are execrable.

who regrets replying to this at all, but doesn't take being insulted so
well that she's going to sit quietly for it.