RE: virus: MS Weapon

Robin Faichney (
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 18:31:14 +0100

> From: David McFadzean[]
> At 09:32 AM 10/3/97 +0100, Robin Faichney wrote:
> >You can usually tell the difference by taking a different
> >point of view, or shifting the position of the light (which
> >amounts to much the same thing), and comparing the
> >results.
> What are you looking for when you compare results of
> different points of view?

> >It matters if and when it makes a difference to us, not
> >otherwise.
> When we think it makes a difference or when it actually
> does? (not necessarily the same thing)
Of course not -- but how do we know? :-)

Apart from generally keeping a weather eye
open -- which anything with 2 brain cells to
spark each other off would do in any case --
we can't do very much about that of which
we are unaware, can we? (Not to dive
back into something I just climbed laboriously
out of, or anything... :-)