RE: virus: Meme, the Underlying Cause

Robin Faichney (
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 10:12:46 +0100

> From: Brett Lane Robertson[]
> At 02:50 PM 10/3/97 -0600, you wrote:
> >At 02:48 PM 10/3/97 -0500, Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
> >>The delusional reaction is not on my part (as some other posts have
> pointed
> >>out). The delusion is evident in the *over-reaction* to my
> post..the
> >>denial, the projection/hurt feelings, and fingerpointing. A good
> example
> >>is David's reaction: "I have been a member of this list since the
> beginning
> >>and no woman has ever behaved in the manner described." Come on,
> David...NO
> >>woman has EVER behaved in such a manner?
> >That is correct. NO woman has EVER behaved on this mailing list in
> the manner
> >you described. You can prove me wrong by providing a single
> counterexample.
> >All the messages ever posted are in the web archives:
> >
> >
> >
> >David McFadzean
> David,
> I won't justify your response by even *looking* for an example. Your
> statement is rediculous on the surface and disproves itself.
How about a quick straw poll on whether it's Brett or
David who is looking "rediculous" here. Personally,
I'm very keen to show my support for the list owner
and, more importantly, for the women around here.
I say: Brett's the one looking rediculous.

Anyone else?

I'll add to that, on a purely personal basis: unless
he withdraws his remarks PDQ, I'll be using my
fancy new MS Exchange email filtering facilities so
I never have to see anything written by him again.