RE: virus: Meme, the Underlying Cause

Brett Lane Robertson (
Sat, 04 Oct 1997 12:04:46 -0500

How about a quick straw poll on whether it's Brett or
David who is looking "ridiculous" here. Personally,
I'm very keen to show my support for the list owner
and, more importantly, for the women around here.
I say: Brett's the one looking ridiculous.

Anyone else? (Faichney)


Finger pointing? Hurt feelings? Support for those in power? Pandering to
the female mentality with hopes of receiving feminine favors? Appeal for
group sanction? Acts of a person drowning for lack of any supporting logic?
An over-reaction by any other name.

Although, when idolaters worship sex and power (support women and list
owners) I am quick to see their addictions and I realize that their thinking
is also corrupt--leaning toward the socially sanctioned "least common
denominator"...asking for group support; I must also admit that my responses
against such a slave mentality are often acts of self-defense, attempts to
keep the last remaining rags of my ability to think independently (much like
a man will have a wild bachelor party to enjoy one more night of freedom
before becoming married and thereby losing his ability to think for himself
forever). My statements may therefore be too pointed, or subtly (maybe not
so subtly) bitter and desperate. Assuming that there will always be
subjects which are just too sensitive to talk about in polite company (the
degree to which one is a sell-out to one's peers, the degree to which one is
PW'd)...I will go further to apologize for the *tone* of the original post
to the extent that it (a) violated some social agreement not to talk about
sensitive topics, (b) takes advantage of the infirmities of those bound to a
social law, (c) expresses an overzealous attempt to remain free of the
dictates of the masses.

I still say that anytime a person says that NO person has EVER done
something they better be talking about something which is physically
impossible to accomplish; otherwise MANY people--more than likely--HAVE done
such a thing to varying degrees (and I might yet look for an example whereby
women on this list have *blatantly* propositioned men using *obvious* sexual
terminology with the *stated* intent of swaying the topic*--still, for those
of you in denial even this would be brushed aside as my reading something
into an "otherwise innocent attempt at humor--by the gods of social
sanction and with appeal to women's favors and those in positions of power
and to the threat of social expulsion, so mote it be" (John Q Listposter)


*which goes WAY beyond my original intent or insinuations...though I sure I
could find such a post and join the finger pointing club, if I wannted to
lower myself to that level

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