RE: virus: I have returned

Robin Faichney (
Mon, 6 Oct 1997 09:53:21 +0100

> From: Nathaniel Hall[]
> If one can convince
> someone not to use reason or that something higher can be obtained by
> "stepping outside of the logic box" (Jesus is Lord for example) you've
> got
> yourself a rather nasty viral infection coming!
> Force is perfectly acceptable provided it's done in self defense.
> Folks of the
> non-reason persuasion feel perfectly fit to use it on others. Give
> them a taste
> of there own medicine.
Let's just follow that line of reasoning, using an example:
I said we need to "step outside of the logic box"
sometimes, so presumably that makes me one of the
"folks of the non-reason persuasion", therefore I "feel
perfectly fit" to use violence on others, and should be
given a taste of my own medicine?

Can anyone find any flaws in that? Or should we
assume that all the folks of the reason-only persuasion
agree with it? Did David McF miss an opportunity
when we met recently?[1]

Those who claim to live by logic should be careful how
they express themselves.

[1] That's rhetorical, of course, and David shouldn't
be offended -- I'm perfectly sure he wouldn't think
this way -- I'm just slightly less sure of others around