virus: Meme, the Underlying Cause

Reed Konsler (
Mon, 6 Oct 1997 10:29:58 -0400 (EDT)


>How about a quick straw poll on whether it's Brett or
>David who is looking "rediculous" here. Personally,
>I'm very keen to show my support for the list owner
>and, more importantly, for the women around here.
>I say: Brett's the one looking rediculous.
>Anyone else?
>I'll add to that, on a purely personal basis: unless
>he withdraws his remarks PDQ, I'll be using my
>fancy new MS Exchange email filtering facilities so
>I never have to see anything written by him again.

I agree with Robin. I haven't noticed much in the posts
to this list that would lead me to make gender distinctions
one way or the other. Certianly the only sexual innuendo
I've read was from (apparently) male members of the
list, as well as I can recall.

As usual, David is acting with the patience of a saint.
I don't agree with him, but he is certianly the most
polite member of the list. Given the imponderable
nature of most of our discussions, that seems like
a trait of paramount importance.

I'm still struggling with server problems. I'm trying
to catch up in reverse direction...


Reed Konsler