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>On Friday, October 3, 1997 9:16 AM, David McFadzean
>[] wrote:
>> Level-3's most famous advocate specifically excluded the scientific/
>> rational belief system in a recent message.
>Imagine a man is in prison and is served slop every day. The man notices
>people getting sick, dying, and so on and besides the slop tastes yucky. So
>he gets together with a few of the other prisoners and petitions through
>the court system to be fed balanced meals. The court agrees, and now the
>prisoners are fed a diet where each meal provides the exact nutritional
>values that best support the average human body. Success!
>Then one day, a visitor comes and starts talking about some new restaurants
>that have opened up. He describes a recent meal of fried noodles, chicken
>with peanut sauce, and for dessert: chocolate cake a la mode! The man is
>aghast! "Don't you know what you're doing to your body?" he cries. "You
>mustn't eat that!" And he proceeds to describe the perfectly balanced meals
>that he has strived to get the prison to serve him. He goes on to outline a
>plan to introduce legislation that would make every restaurant do the same
>thing, finally ending the stupidity of people eating irrational diets.
>The visitor tires of the man's company and doesn't come back.
>> I was assuming that effectiveness required both an understanding of
>> the way things are (maybe imperfectly, but good enough) and the ability
>> to control how things will be (again, imperfectly).
>A poor assumption.

Imagine a man is in prison and he constantly laughs at others and makes
arrogant remarks how stupid other prisoners are. He never tells clearly
what he thinks and blames others to be too narrow-minded to understand him.
He also claims he has secret powers and an extremely fulfilling and
enjoyable life.

The other prisoners tire of the man's company and one night they...

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