Re: virus: Connections - Patterns

David McFadzean (
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 11:17:26 -0600

At 11:48 AM 10/7/97 CST+6CDT, chardin wrote:
>I just read Richard's homepage--now I am beginning to get the
>connection. I did not realize that Dawkins was referring to
>Brodie's philosophy and that this Richard "Guru" is probably the one
>and the same who has been bankrolling Dawkins as he goes about the
>country making his speeches about our rise from the primoridial slime.
>Connections, patterns, patterns, connections. I did not mean to
>horn in on the party. Bye. Hardin

It will be interesting to see if Richard will suddenly become
interested in "truth" at this point. :-)

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