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Richard Brodie (
Tue, 7 Oct 1997 12:03:01 -0700

On Monday, October 6, 1997 11:26 PM, Nathaniel Hall
[] wrote:
> Richard Brodie wrote:
> > Interesting example. Did you forget that Rushdie's book itself is an
example of using something other than reason to deal with others?
> I've only read part of it. I noticed at the time I was reading it no
force was applied upon my body.

Wow! I expected better. This is the heart of your argument, and I've
pierced it like a hot steel rod. Of course we're talking about the use of
words to persuade in a fashion other than logical argument (which is an
extremely ineffective means). Everyone participating in this thread should
have read INFLUENCE by Robert Cialdini.

( I didn't finish reading it because
> I found it silly and boring , but the part about the city built with
sand that poked fun at Mecca I found amusing ) One can certainly
> appeal to someone's emotions rather than their mind. It certainly worked
for Bill Clinton. A prime example of why logic rather than
> feelings should guide peoples choices. The Nametag

"Should"? "SHOULD"? I'm more interested in what DOES guide people's choices
than what SHOULD!

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