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> Marie Foster wrote:
> > I am going to risk it and sling in my thoughts about science -
> > religion. It seems to me that both are attempts to explain the
> > existence of the energy we seem to agree exists. How well or poorly
> > either does this has to do more with the power structure that uses ( or
> > misuses) the insights gained.
> Insights gained? One gets insight when one uses ones eyes to see (science)
> not when one shuts them (religion). Power structure? Who controls your
> thoughts when you choose to think freely? Who controls your thoughts when
> your a cult member?The Nateman, waiting for the inquisition.
Nateman, does the term " Pascal's Wager" mean anything to you? If
you are right, I have no worries. From the primordial slime we came
and to the dust of the grave I shall return. If we are could be in biggg trouble!
Never mind that the Pope said there was a special place in hell for
Pascal. :)