Re: virus: Teflon vs. Hardon

chardin (
Wed, 8 Oct 1997 12:05:57 CST+6CDT

Well, Reagan did put on a good show. You couldn't hate Reagan, even
if you didn't like his policies. His policies were: "bigger is
better", "We're rich we can do as we please," "Hear our saber
rattle, if you don't like it, we'll kick your butt."
"I wouldn't let those Iranians push me around like that ignorant
southern boy --you just let them kill some of our boys while I am in
power....yes, Ronnie, and you'll do what? Well, you didn't do it.
I thought his rhetoric was interesting and kept the Soviets scared to death to have such a
madman in the Whitehouse. But I can't say he did the country any

As for Hillary, she is intelligent and educated, two features in a
woman which tend to intimidate some of our "weaker" breathern, hhmmm Nateman? I'm
sure you would prefer to spend the afternoon with Nancy who could
bring you up to date on the lastest readings of her astrologer.
Hardin-- the name is Hardin "Hardon" is the name my husband swears his girlfriends called him
before we married! [Brett, I threw that one in especially for you!
You don't have to search the backfiles!]

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> > ...and contend that "Slick Willie" is nowhere
> > near as slippery as the Teflon President.
> Love him or Hate him you knew what Reagan stood for. What does Bubba believe
> in? Not getting beat up by his wife! I think that qualifies Bubba as the
> slickmiester of the two.
> The Nateman