Re: virus: Teflon vs. Hardon

Marie Foster (
Wed, 08 Oct 1997 12:24:14 -0700

Paul Prestopnik wrote:
> > As for Hillary, she is intelligent and educated, two features in a
> > woman which tend to intimidate some of our "weaker" breathern, hhmmm
> Nateman? I'm
> > sure you would prefer to spend the afternoon with Nancy who could
> > bring you up to date on the lastest readings of her astrologer.
> I might be remembering incorrectly, but wasn't Hillary the one who got her
> advice from the late Eleanor Roosevelt.

OK here is a good example of one of my concerns. How ideas get warped
in the reporting. Do you really believe that HC thought she was in
contact with ER? Or do you think that in a mental exercise she tried to
imagine how ER might react or think about something? My Father died in
1980. Often when in some kind of spot I think about how he might act as
a way of guiding my own behaviour. Am I in contact with him? I think
so... in a way... sort of...

a meme in action