virus: Right and Wrong (don't play with a sinister hand)

Reed Konsler (
Wed, 8 Oct 1997 16:02:33 -0400 (EDT)

>>I don't have a philosophy. Philosophies are
>>a Level-2 thing. I'm wrong about everything. Nothing I say is the truth,
>OK, I get it now. If you're always wrong than you can never be wrong.
>(At least you can stop worrying about it.)

I don't think you are properly translating. Richard is re-expressing
one of Whitehead's old aphorisms about all truths being half-truths.
You seem to divide statements into "right" (or true, or value 1) and
"wrong" (or false, or value 0) which is, well, binary. Have you
ever hear of "excluded middle"? In this case you are excluding
Richard's universe.


Reed Konsler