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> At 05:08 PM 10/8/97 CST+6CDT, chardin wrote:
> >Little smiley faces [:)] don't carry much weight with these folks,
> >huh? We take our philosophy seriously I see.
> They do, but they only apply to the sentence preceding the smiley.
> >Is your reasoning:
> >There are many mutually exclusive and contradictory
> >religions out there; therefore, they must all be false?
> Nope.
> >I have no desire to end up in the hell of a false religion, therefore
> >I will deny that any hell exist?
> Nope.
> If Pascal's Wager is valid and I claim to be God, you should worship
> me for the same reasons. If I am God you have much to gain, but if
> I'm not, you have little to lose. See?

I do see, but you have to give me credible reasons for being who you
say you are. Christ asked the question and still asks: "Who do you
say I am? I think we can say he was either who he claimed to be:
God in the flesh, or 2) a madman 3) a liar and a charlatan. I am
not offended by anyone who chooses any of the three.
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