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Richard Brodie (
Thu, 9 Oct 1997 12:18:40 -0700

On Wednesday, October 8, 1997 10:56 AM, David McFadzean
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> At 11:37 AM 10/7/97 -0700, Richard Brodie wrote:
> >You are collapsing (at least) two concepts in your effort to believe
> >rationality and logic are the answer to all the questions of philosophy.
> >the first place, animal behavior is largely hardwired as the result of
> >evolution in an ancestral environment. That behavior, most biologists
> >agree, is "designed" to replicate genes stored in DNA in cell nuclei. If
> >looks "logical" to you that is solely an anthropomorphism, because I
> >challenge you to find a cat that can beat you on an IQ test. It is
> >that certain higher animals may be said to have some logical capacity,
> >as chimps figuring out how to use a tool to get food, but that's a far
> >from "all animal behavior emulates logical thinking." In fact, you could
> >say that the reason humans have technology and animals don't is that we
> >alone possess the capacity for logical thinking.
> Don't be so Level-2, Richard. Try flipping into my meme-space and you
> see what I mean. The view is wonderful from here.

"Don't be so Level-2?" I've spent the last two years trying to talk to you
on Level 3 and it hasn't worked. Now I make one post that meets you on your
own playing field and this is how you respond? Pah!

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