RE: virus: Mind-Flipper in Action

Richard Brodie (
Thu, 9 Oct 1997 16:03:46 -0700

No need to sneak...the Level-3 player necessarily has adeptness at multiple Level 2 playing fields.

On Thursday, October 9, 1997 2:38 PM, Tadeusz Niwinski [] wrote:
> Richard wrote:
> >"Don't be so Level-2?" I've spent the last two years trying to talk to you
> >on Level 3 and it hasn't worked. Now I make one post that meets you on your
> >own playing field and this is how you respond? Pah!
> Sneaking into Level-2, Richard? Most priests seem to be doing the same:
> their kingdom is not from this world, but they sure like to sneak down here
> and have fun.
> Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa
> (604) 985-4159I grow weary of your sophistry

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