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Nathaniel Hall (
Thu, 09 Oct 1997 13:22:03 -0600

Sodom wrote:

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> > > Your logic /should/ tell you that overriding logic in some cases is
> > the
> > > best answer. Does it though?
> >
> > It's logical to be Ilogical? Come on now! I know you can't really
> > believe
> > that! Your trying to bait me! Rather have a strong enemy than a weak
> > ally
> > right?
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> > The Nateman.
> It seems this line of discussion is senseless. Humans are not Vulcans.
> We have to use logic and emotion together to select the most joyfull
> course of action. You cannot make a logical choice for an emotional
> response - in most cases. It seems to me that a proper balance is
> necessary. If you want something (want is an emotion) you can choose a
> logical course of action to achiev it most rapidly. But I dare you to
> try "get some" from your mate in a logical only way. You can be logical
> about the type of flower you buy, but desiring her affection is the
> first choice and it is emotional/biological to start with.
> Sodom

The mind is a complicated thing . It makes shortcuts for us all the time.
I don't have to consciously get my lungs to move in order to breath although
I could do so. Allot of ones thinking occurs behind the scenes without
oneself even being aware of it. (Ever try and remember something only to
have it pop into your head a little while later?). I see emotions as
something like Read Only Memory in a computer, it gives us certain
responses to situations automatically. But they are also programmable to a
certain extend depending on our experience. The program is your philosophy.
( Around here in this list
they'd call it a "meme complex") If one makes it a point to examine one's
beliefs and to acquire a reasonable philosophy then your emotions can give
you a short cut answer to having to think something through. But if you have
an invalid belief (Zeus is one of the many gods controlling my fate for
example) then your emotions will give you improper responses to reality. You
will never seem to get anything right and fear will be your constant
The Nateman