virus: Re: Virus List Terminology

Gregory Thomas (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 01:31:10 -0400

As a newcomer to the list I have asked for help in understanding the =

terminology and have gotten some excellent support from Tadeusz (Tad) Niw=

After reviewing some of the historical discussion on MS Flip and Level 2,=

Level 3 differences, my initial thought is that Level 3 would not do well=
in a prisoner's
dilemma test where there was any kind of information sharing between part=

(By information sharing I mean the ability for groups of prisoners to exc=
hange information =

about the success and failure of their strategies between iterative gener=
ations of dilemmas.)

Maybe Level 3 adaptability would work in a limited test where the Level 3=
individual temporarily =

adopted a set strategy for the period of the test, but as you apply it to=
constantly shifting paradigms (as in Level 3) would lead to lack of trust=
=2E Trust is
important, and leads to access to additional resources, a clear survival
and power benefit. (If you trust someone, you might lend them money, etc=
=2E) =

On the other hand, specific goal seeking behavior leads to high levels of=

trust. This is someone you can count on.

So is Level 3 specific goal seeking or adaptable paradigms?

And, what is the reponse of Level 3 to a iterated prisoner's dilemma?

Greg Thomas