RE: virus: MS Weapon

Robin Faichney (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 10:40:02 +0100

> Richard Brodie[] wrote:
> On Wednesday, October 8, 1997 1:49 AM, Robin Faichney
> [] wrote:
> > A pattern-matching algorithm,
> > set up to compare scanned-in photos of the cloud and of a
> > sheep in the appropriate position WRIT viewpoint, with the
> > M set, will find and match these patterns, because all are
> > really there.
> No, your program will find and match those patterns because you have
> programmed it to do so. Hofstadter has done much research on patterns.
> Have
> you read his latest "Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies"? It's
> interesting. I'd say the fact that patterns AREN'T inherent in reality
> is
> the reason such programming is so difficult.
I haven't read that. Is it a book or an article? I'd be
extremely surprised if he's found a way to refute
Dennett's argument in "Real Patterns". Just 'til I get
my hands on Hof, could you briefly summarise his
main points here?