RE: virus: MS Weapon

Robin Faichney (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 14:03:35 +0100

Again, I'm reduced to replying twice to one message.
What is it about you, Richard? :-)

> From: Richard Brodie[]
> On Thursday, October 9, 1997 8:46 PM, Nathaniel Hall
> [] wrote:
> > Two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen make one molecule of
> water. Is
> > this an example of one of those patterns which don't exist?
> You are confused when you say "don't exist." Patterns are labels,
> distinction-memes, and they exist in minds.
You say patterns are distinction-memes. I say, all
memes are patterns, but also: the memes that refer
to "real world" things have patterns as referent as
well as reference (as do all other refering memes
too, of course).

Doesn't that make Level 3 sense? Or is that an
oxymoron? :-)