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Richard Brodie (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 12:50:35 -0700

On Friday, October 10, 1997 2:40 AM, Robin Faichney
[] wrote:
> > Have
> > you read his latest "Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies"? It's
> > interesting. I'd say the fact that patterns AREN'T inherent in reality
> > is
> > the reason such programming is so difficult.
> >
> I haven't read that. Is it a book or an article? I'd be
> extremely surprised if he's found a way to refute
> Dennett's argument in "Real Patterns". Just 'til I get
> my hands on Hoof, could you briefly summarize his
> main points here?

It's a big thick dry book reporting various research projects he and his
colleagues have done regarding pattern recognition and analogy mapping. I
could tell you what points I took away, but I'm not sure those would be his

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