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Brett Lane Robertson (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 18:41:49 -0500

Anyway, I would like someone with good math skills to give me some
probabilities--I'm terrible with math. Those prophets, hundreds and
up to a thousand year before he came tells us that the promised
Messiah to be sent by God would: (Chardin)

I think you are probably a nice person too, but there are GREAT gaps in what
you say--which makes YOU the prophet. You speak in tounges, jumping from
one quote to another and saying "See, doesn't that prove anything?". I
wonder if people who use biblical quotes to back up biblical quotes realize
that they are going in circles.

You assume that there was a prophecy (see this quote and that quote), you
assume there was a messiah (see this quote and that quote)...then you say
prophecy = messiah since quote = quote; but you forget that you started
with assumptions. Then you say quote leads to quote leads to quote...and
present quotes like they are self-evident (they are not at all evident
except for people looking for proof of their assumptions...people beginning
with similar assumptions).

Christ was reported to have said that you could not become (saved, this where I put <your message here>?) ...uh, <your message
here = not tortured so that someone else can be>...Christ said you could not
be righteous by understanding the law so you might as well accept charity
(faith, grace); and you seem to prove it by trying really hard not to use
lawful reasoning, logic. (for example: "The prophets also say that in the
last days God will make Jerusalem a "burdensome stone for all nations".
Picked up a newspaper lately?"...Jerusalem is a burden/the prophets
said/this is the last this is the last days/Jerusalem is a burden/
the prophets were right...since the prophets said/this this the last
days/Jerusalem is a burden--the paper says this? Does it show how prophets
are right, or why Jerualem is a burden, or that this is the last days? Does
it show how cause and effect folows that prophets -> Burden -> Last days?
Or does it follow your circular reasoning that prophets = burden = last days
so we accept each as proof unto itself?)

You asked for probablility. The probablility is 100% that an acorn will
grow into an oak given the right environment. I hardly consider this to be
a miracle.


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