Re: virus: Pascal's wager

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 20:02:59 -0700

Tim wrote:
>Tadeusz Niwinski wrote about Jesus:
>> (6) A well-meaning Jew with deep understanding of human nature who chose his
>> own unique Purpose, got out of his comfort zone risking other people's
>> disapproval, was prepared to experience some discomfort (even perhaps a
>> sense of going it alone), with his own Personal Programming, surrounded
>> himself with people who were committed to living life to the fullest, and
>> leading by example, he
>> taught about the power of love, forgiveness, and positive thinking, showing
>> that one person can really make a difference
>Up to this point it sounds like a good description of ol' J.H.C. But then
>you write:

That's the whole point! Isn't it great?

Most concepts and even phrases in the above description are taken from
Richard's "Getting Past OK" book. Your "but then you write" gives me some
hope that I am not the only one (sorry, ERiC has also noticed it, so you may
be third) who see that what Richard writes in his books does not quite match
what he writes here.

>> (kind of like the author of the incredibly useful book "Getting Past
>> OK", except Jesus didn't *say* he meant everything he said, he just
>> meant everything he said). His references to Meme Central
>> ( were taken literally as
>> references to God (which is as close as one can get on Earth, anyway),
>> but Level-3 people are hardly ever understood..
>You know, Tad, after reading all your pronouncements about Brodie on the
>list before I met him, I was prepared for either some messianic figure or
>a slick devil incarnate.

Amazing how your imagination works! I'm impressed.

> Either way I was intrigued. But when we met,
>and thanks in large part to you, Tad, and the inflated expectations I'd
>built up based on what you'd said, I was a little disappointed. No halo
>or horns. No glowing light or dark ominous clouds.

Where have I described my friend Richard like that?! Tim, I'll give you $50
if you show me a post... oh, no... you don't play chess.

>Just a common schmoe.

I'm sorry Tim, it must have hurt...

Well, if Richard claims you call him "penis, fool, or jerk", according to
Webster's, he is right. Do you have a good lawyer?

>An intelligent, insightful, humorous and well-meaning schmoe to be sure,
>but still just another schmoe like me. He was no more a Messiah than I
>am! ;-)

Clearly, Level-3, Tim! Congratulations.

>You built up such expectations, Tad. Do you really see him that way?

You mean, your way? No.

>You are so lucky.


>I have no gods (or even would be gods) in my life
>except the ones I deify. It must be nice to find them "out there" in the
>real world, where A=A and 2+2=4, every once in a while.

And one more thing: Jesus didn't smoke cigars.

Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa (604) 985-4159