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Brett Lane Robertson (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 23:51:04 -0500

They will acknowledge that their belief conflicts with
logic and that they choose faith because they are powerless not to. In
other words, they were brainwashed since childhood and admit it. Others,
who can't bear the weight, I avoid discussion with. (Sodom)


Would you entertain the idea that "faith" is more like inductive reasoning
than "powerles[sness]" or "brainwashing". It seems that faith is like a
"feeling" one gets when one reads a lot of general statements about
something...they don't really add up to a conclusion but they add up to a
certainty of sorts. Or, would you accept that faith is a "social
metaphysic" of sorts--like a mob mentality; perhaps faith is the
*conclusion* that a group of people reach but this conclusion is not
available for one person to state in so many words?

As to faith being inductive: It seems that when you ask for details,
christians can't supply them...but they quote lots of obscure texts (as if
this explained something...and maybe it does, TO THEM; so, maybe with
enough of the general principals you get an impression of something bigger
that [maybe] is too complicated to put into logical statements).

As to being a social phenomenon: If you ask them to explain something to
you they will say "Go ask my preacher" or "Come to Church" maybe this
"thing" that they are talking about is in a different symbolic language, of
sorts, which takes many people with various symbolic understandings to
interpret--AS A GROUP; but just maybe this type of logic takes
mathematicians, and musicians, and mechanics, and scholars, etc. all working
togeather to interpret.



You seem too pre-judged toward science and against religion to ACTUALLY be a
level 5...I would think that you are dichotomous (so would be a multiple of
level 2's, minus the original conception of self-as-god...minus the ONE). I
also see you as having substance without form--that is you mirror a level
one without having the quality of oneness. You are most likely a level 3
formed of pairs...and therefore a level 6--though perhaps minus the first
pair due to their resemblence to a unified understanding; and so, you would
resemble (or mimic) a level 5 while attempting to destroy their confidence
in themself...their level one quality.


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