Re: virus: what is a valid philosophy?

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 23:08:25 -0700

Sodom wrote:
>Nathaniel Hall wrote:
>> From what I've been told a level 3 mind is a fancy way of saying one has a
>> good grasp of philosophy. Am I wrong? What is the standard definition" ?
>> The Nateman

>just to add, if it is not 100% true then it must be partially false
>falls into the Aristotle trap of yes/no true/false. It could just be 90%
>true and 10% incomplete.

OK, here is Richard's most brilliant definition of Level-3 again:

"Level 3 is characterized by the ability to flex your meme-space on the
fly; to use multiple models depending upon your purpose and priorities.
It's possible to gain an intellectual understanding of what this means
from Level 2, but probably not possible to really feel the impact of the
difference in life experience. The Level-3 mind has a great capacity to
hold dissonant, contradictory beliefs. (Einstein was said to have this

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