Re: virus: My karma ran over your dogma.

Brett Lane Robertson (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 00:17:38 -0500

.Heroin's only destination however is the grave.The Nateman


Graves are not distinctions therefore your reasoning is faulty :) Since
when does a metaphorical example have to take the same form as the thing
which it implies? I'm sure that you couldn't get past the obvious
difference that heroin is not a car and look below the surface to see the
true point...that is, people become dependent on things and if one waits
until that point at which one has developed a habit and further finds
oneself without the means to support that habit before deciding if that
habit is one that should be given up one might find that such decisions
might better have been decided before one found onself in such a situation.


At 09:03 PM 10/11/97 -0600, you wrote:
>KMO wrote:
>> The Nateman said something to the effect of, "You say cars are evil?
>> Tell yourself that the next time you're stranded somewhere."
>> Right on, Nate!
>> I've also heard paternalistic moralizers say bad things about heroin.
>> But get hooked on the shit, and stay on it for so long that you are
>> totally dependent on it to the point where your whole daily routine is
>> structured around it and you can't even conceive of life without it, and
>> then, one day when you can't score and you're desperate for a fix
>> because you can feel the junk sickness setting in and every cell in your
>> nervous system is sreaming for the soothing relief that only needle full
>> of freshly cooked smack can deliver, just tell yourself, "Oh, heroin is
>> bad. I don't really want any of that stuff. I'll be much better off
>> without it."
>> -KMO
>The analogy is faulty for this reason: Cars are not heroin. Recreational
>Heroin does not help one deal with reality but rather to deny it. (Taken for
>severe pain it is another matter). Cars however do help one to deal better
>with reality. Travel across a continent is possible in only a handfull of
>days with cars (not to mention the bounties aquired in trade for those who
>don't even drive).Heroin's only destination however is the grave.The Nateman

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