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Tim Rhodes (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 15:14:37 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, chardin wrote:

> I used to dismiss the Bible as just a dusy old book written by a
> bunch of men with beards so I understand how you feel. Have you ever
> examined the Bible closely?

Have you? Are you aware that the first two chapters of Genesis contain
two separate creation myths? One matriarchal (Eve and Adam created in the
same act) and one patriarchal (Eve from Adam's rib). Are you aware that
the matriarchal one is written in an older version of Hebrew than the
patriarchal myth? The mythology was rewritten when the Hebrews left the
fertile, agrarian, female run Egypt and became a nomadic herding people
lead by men. It was a meme that adapted to suit its culture. Are
you among those who insist on treating a meme literally?

> The Bible is made of different books written by different prophets, yet
> they all have a central idea: He who is coming.

This is not a central idea of the Old Testament. Count the references.
Even stretching it to the broadest interpretation, there are very few
mentions of a Messiah and it is not a central theme of modern Judaism
either. Why not, if it was such a "central" idea?

> Those prophets, hundreds and up to a thousand year before he came tells
> us that the promised Messiah to be sent by God would:

Okay, crack out your concordance, because your wrong about MOST of these:

> 1) be born in Bethleham
> 2) be called a Nazerene
> 3) meek in character he will ride into Jerusalem on the back of an
> ass and be declared Messiah (the book of Daniel tells you WHEN he
> would ride in (a certain number of days after the going forth of a decree to rebuild
> Jerusalem)--check it out in the secular books - there are two decrees
> to rebuild Jerusalem--take either one of them and you are brought to
> the time of Christ
> 4) he will die but not for his own sins but for his people
> 5) he is Mighty God yet lowly, poor, despised and rejected (well, it
> confused the Jews too--for a long time they thought there might be
> two Messiahs--one as King of an Army another as spiritual leader)
> 6) he will be rejected by his own people
> 7) he will be a light unto the Gentiles (the light you ridicule
> constantly, Sodom)

Have you read the Bible? You missed the ONLY one that is actually IN the
O.T.--that he would be born of King David's line (But so was a quarter of
Israel at the time).

> All of this was predicted by JEWISH prophets up to at least a
> thousand years before Jesus of Nazareth was born.

Name them! I can only think of three and none of them are that specific.

> Book of Daniel gives you an overview of the great world
> governments--Babylonian, Persian, Greek & Roman. These are so
> accurate, in fact, that many "scholars" say they must have been
> written after the fact--prophets can't REALLY tell the future can
> they?

And Russian too. OOPS!!! The Soviet Union fell before Armageddon could
happen. Well, we may just have to *re-interpret* that part again.

It is a myth, a story, a metaphor, an analogy. Try getting the gist of
the message instead of just reading the words! It is what Jesus would

> The prophets also say that in the last days God will make Jerusalem a
> "burdensome stone for all nations". Picked up a newspaper lately?

Or 1000 years ago, or 200 years ago, or even 50. Amazing how a good story
is relevant to EVERY generation isn't it?

> Remember, these prophecies are all from the OLD
> TESTAMENT--they are not Christain in origin.

Only Christian in /interpretation/. Do you hear "backmasking" in
McDonalds commercials as well? It says, "God is good, Jesus is Savior, Eat
a hamburger!" What are the ODDS of that!!!

-Prof. Tim