Re: virus: Mind-Flipping

Brett Lane Robertson (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 22:24:39 -0500

At 06:56 PM 10/12/97 -0700, you wrote:
>-Prof. Quarkowaski asked:

>>What is the difference between a "quark" and a <quark>?

>The same difference as between "-Prof. Quarkowaski" and "-Prof. Tim".

>It is the same phenomenon, although little disappointing, no halo or horns,
>no glowing light or dark ominous clouds, just a common schmoe.

>Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa
> (604) 985-4159

I assume you both are having fun...I wonder if you realise that someone will
eventually get hurt? That aside, someone missed a very important point
here--I think! Seems that the "theorists" would like to make a meme into an
abstract idea so that <meme> (the meme meme) must always be just a symbolic
way of conceptualizing...well, Iasume *everything*. Did Prof. Tim mean that
the term "meme" must always be a symbolic notation...that the meme for
quark, "<quark>", can never be the same as the "quark" itself?

So, what IS the difference between <quark> and "quark"? Everything (the
meme is just a symbol which *represents* the object)?
Everything-and-Nothing (memetics infers levels such that the meme for
"quark" IS the "quark" but on a different level)? Nothing (there could be
no recognizable patterned arrangement for the information stream "quark"
without the pattern for it, <quark>, so that the pattern and the information
are one and the same)?

I say that there is no difference....well, the difference is in the boundary
chosen to differentiate <quark> from "quark", is subjective...rather, that a
quark is an objective manifestation and we canot compare <quark> to "quark"
until we find the objective manifestation of "meme", until then the meme
must be symbolic of the object.

Looking at my choices again, I think that all symbols are patterns which
progress through levels according to our ability to perceive their
boundaries and must ultimately manifest in the objective realm...all things
being relative, I vote "everything-and-nothing". Like Profs. Tim and
Quarkowarki, there are differences if we choose to look for them.


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