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Nathaniel Hall (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 21:58:12 -0600


Richard Brodie wrote:

I've always found this a curious inconsistency in Rand's philosophy, the
postulating of mystical "universals" that aren't part of reality, but are
abstract ideals somehow attached metaphysically to reality, there to be
discovered by inquiring minds. I think it's a more powerful position to put
ourselves in charge of terminology.

Richard Brodie
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  Why worry about terminology if "universals" are "mystical" . Nothing you or I any anybody could define would ever describe anything which exists. Just a bunch of floating abstractions attached to nothing. The very point of having a "terminology" in the first place becomes pointless.(that is : giving a word a meaning )  And another thing: Why do you keep changing my name to "The Nametag" in my supposive quotes. Everyone is now aware of your little manipulation , what's the point in continuing to do it?
The Nateman