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Sun, 12 Oct 1997 21:48:06 -0700

On Friday, October 10, 1997 4:39 PM, Nathaniel Hall
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> A good map will guide you over unfamiliar territory. One may only be a
> symbolic representation of the other but if the territory did not have a
> certain state or "pattern" no map would ever see you on your way. In
> this is know as the problem of universals. If universals did not in fact
> independent of anyone's thoughts , why then does a good map work as well
as it
> does?
> The Nametag

No one here is arguing your strawman position that nothing actually exists.
We all know stuff exists. But what we call the stuff exists only in our
minds. Now if there's a bunch of visible hard stuff standing in our path,
it's likely that any human mind, all of which have evolved to make it
useful to maneuver around big hard stuff, will pick something to call that
hunk of hard stuff that makes it convenient to maneuver around, like a
"rock." But for stuff that doesn't directly relate to the replication of
our DNA, labels are much more arbitrary.

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