virus: Level One

Brett Lane Robertson (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 00:58:49 -0500

However, those floating abstractions self-organize onto a coherent system
that approximates or maps reality. Everyone has a different one. (Level-3
players have more than one; Level-1 players have
simple/incomplete/unempowering ones.) (Richard)

I disagree that level-1 players have incomplete maps of reality. One is the

I assume that in level two people create illusions which do not exist in
reality. I've posted my beliefs to this effect.*

I would like to think that Level-3 is better somehow...but how can you trust
someone who passed through level-2? What is the advantage of being able to
destroy illusions--level-3-- as opposed to being able to live within
truth--level-1? Why--by what aspect of truth (for what prime
objective?)--did the level-3 leave the "straight-and-narrow" path of one's
divine nature to begin with? What is to keep the level-3 from regressing
to a level-2 (dichotomous, oppositional, divisive, self-and-other
destructive)? By what standards does a level-3 judge reality (without the
original developmental criteria that ABC leads to words leads to knowledge
which all tie in to ABC such that if ABC is correct then "the nature of
reality"--for example--is correct...which is how I see the level-1; though
to become that level-2 one must destroy the very nature of unity which
provides this certainty--and a level-3 then, does it mirror a level-1
without integrity?).

How is a level-3 empowering as compared to the level-1 being "unempowering"?
Can you translate "A level-3 is empowering." into a level-1 statement (It
would sound something like "I cause myself to exist", or "I will myself to
have power" but even the word "power" doesn't translate--it means something
like "the energy to be more than have more than I have")? I
assume that power in the sense that you mean it is energy taken from someone
else for your own letting them do the thinking and destroying
them so that you can take the credit. What part of "you" recieves the
benefit of this manipulation: Is there any level-1 "soul" left in the
level-3 person? Is a level-3 any more than a level-2 with a false sense of
self...a slave or prostitute with a professional mask?


*which suggest that they (level 2's) see all sorts of non-truths, levels of
inventions which involve fear and smugness--hell and bravery, that they
control and repress, that they manifest negativity by positing it and using
it to justify itself, that they destroy their sense of self and negate
meaning, purpose, cause, effect, and reason. I've suggested that this is
due to a sellout to a social illusion, a desire for fame, power and
acceptance, and that it leaves one worshipping the form instead of the
substance--awaiting someone else to come along and tell them what to do.
I've suggested that it is the cause of delusion, martyrdom, a savior
mentality, that it causes great gaps in intelligence as one awaits the boss
to give permission for one to entertain certain thoughts. I've suggested
that it causes opposition, violence, and mutual self-destruction.


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