RE: virus: Delusions

Robin Faichney (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 11:20:58 +0100

> From: Richard Brodie[]
> On Friday, October 10, 1997 3:57 PM, David McFadzean
> [] wrote:
> > So if a map seems to be invalid, it is more likely that it just has
> > a different purpose?
> An odd attribution of selfness to the map!
Things conventionally have the purposes given to them by people,
don't they?

> No, I wouldn't say that. Just
> that some maps are better than others for certain purposes. Leaving
> detail
> out, for instance, makes life easier.
Depends on the purpose, doesn't it?

> > Are the people who use astrology for predictive
> > purposes just confused about its real purpose?
> More likely you're confused about THEIR real purpose.
That's possible. Very likely, in fact. But I've long felt
that maybe astrology and tarot and I Ching do have
a beneficial application when used to provide a
context and a language for the discussion of issues
that some people don't have other ways of handling.
Which is not to say that these thing probably aren't
more often used in ways that are detrimental, or
neutral in themselves while providing for a cash flow to
the practitioner from the -- victum?