RE: virus: META: a rule for the list

Richard Brodie (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 16:29:05 -0700

On Monday, October 13, 1997 1:26 PM, David McFadzean []
> I think this list would be a lot more enjoyable (worthwhile,
> productive, fun, whatever) if everyone's messages were held
> to the same standard that they impose upon others. It is not
> fair to criticize another for being inconsistent, then say
> that consistency doesn't matter when the criticism comes back.

Nonsense. If YOU are asserting that consistency matters, it's fair to point
out that YOU are not being consistent. I am not asserting that consistency

> It is not fair to accuse another of basing an argument on
> a falsehood, then say that truth doesn't matter if accused
> of the same. Notice I am explicitly not saying what the
> standards should be, I'm only saying that there should at
> least be some fairness in this game. Any objections?

If you're talking about the Nametag affair, you're still wrong if you think
I changed it.

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