Re: virus: The Capitalist vs the Socialist.

Nathaniel Hall (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 23:38:33 -0600


chardin wrote:

Nateman, where do you get your sense of "fair"?  >From whence comes
your idea of what is "Good".  You keep saying that it is "objective".
 Do you mean you believe in some sort of ultimate "Good" like Plato's
No way! Plato was a subjectivist.
Who invented it?  Did it come into existence with the Big
Before one can answer what is moral one must ask why have morality? We are living beings that must make choices in order to live that's why. What should those choices be? We live by thinking so those choices should be those which allow us to think. No one invented morality : It is simply a natural necessity of our existence .Morality is something that has to be discovered. It's necessity comes into existence for every individual from the moment they are born.  The Nateman