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Tue, 14 Oct 1997 12:02:57 -0400

Richard Brodie wrote:
> On Friday, October 10, 1997 2:27 PM, Sodom []
> wrote:
> > I never studied the specific level structure you people are using,
> > but did devise my own about fifteen years ago that seems very similar.
> > What you call level 3, I would call level 5. Good enough though. If
> > Level 3 is enlightenment, as in self programming and capable of shifting
> > between reality tunnels, I'm in. This terminology conversion is working
> > out fine. As a self-programming person, I can take on almost any
> > appearance and use language (body and verbal) as a tool to manipulate
> > others. The only problem here is that I definitely have certain values
> > that limit my tampering with the minds of others, hopefully all of us
> > do. This came from experience after wrecking a couple of others lives
> > first. Be careful with the fragile ones.
> Welcome to the Church. How about an introduction? Where do you live? Most
> memebers use their real names. I'd invite you to do that when you are
> comfortable.
> Richard
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Thanks Richard, Here's the quick and dirty.
i am Bill Roh, I now live and work in Boston, MA, but have lived and
worked in many states in my exploration of Universe. I am 30 yrs. Like
most people here I am into philosohpy, history, religion, music,
politics, physics, anthropology - heck, lets just say I read an awful
lot, but not enough.
Still, I find it hard to meet people who can see the world through so
many lenses, that I find it quite refreshing to be here.

Bill Roh