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> <P>chardin wrote:
> <BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>Nateman, where do you get your sense of
> "fair"?&nbsp; From whence comes <BR>your idea of what is
> "Good".&nbsp; You keep saying that it is "objective". <BR>&nbsp;Do
> you mean you believe in some sort of ultimate "Good" like Plato's
> <BR>ideas?</BLOCKQUOTE> No way! Plato was a subjectivist.
> <BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>Who invented it?&nbsp; Did it come into
> existence with the Big <BR>Bang?</BLOCKQUOTE> Before one can answer
> what is moral one must ask why have morality? We are living beings
> that must make choices in order to live that's why. What should
> those choices be? We live by thinking so those choices should be
> those which allow us to think. No one invented morality : It is
> simply a natural necessity of our existence .Morality is something
> that has to be discovered. It's necessity comes into existence for
> every individual from the moment they are born.&nbsp; The
> Nateman</HTML>
What is the difference between your philosophy and the
exitenstialists who claim that you make yourself by each and every
choice, i.e., you define yourself thereby?