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Tue, 14 Oct 1997 16:55:43 CST+6CDT

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> What about his speaking to the thief on the cross: This day thou
> shalt be with me in paradise. (oh, I'm speaking in parables to you
> by the way oh boy, just to making your dying easier). I don't think
> so. The rest of the scriptures just don't bear you out. Chardin
> List,
> What is this discussion about? If Chardin is trying to show that
> Jesus believed in a heaven and therefore there can't be
> reincarnation; then, providing for a heaven doesn't rule out
> reincarnation. Am I missing something here?
> Brett

Bret, I believe that Tim had just made the point that Jesus was not at all interested
in an after life--"didn't give a hoot". So was Tim trying to make the
point for reincarnation by that statement? I don't think so. He
says Jesus "didn't give a hoot" for an afterlife--I say that His statement
to the thief on the cross shows that He did give a hoot, and gave
more than that I might add. But the list can read the whole account
and decide for themselves.