Re: virus: META: a rule for the list

Marie Foster (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 15:47:49 -0700

David McFadzean wrote:


> OK, I think I understand now. (Thanks Eva-Lise!) My mistake.
> I don't think it is fair for person B to be able to hold spelling
> (or any other criticism) against person A if person B doesn't think
> spelling is important. If you criticize based on X then you should
> be able to receive criticism based on X. If person A doesn't think
> spelling is important, they will just ignore the criticism (but
> it wouldn't be fair for person A to criticize someone else for
> spelling then).
> I could be wrong about this. What does everybody else think?

IMHO if we would just clarify our own intent (inform - persuade - etc.)
before we start writing we would make a better impact. I for one tend
to resist being open to new ideas when someone is insulting me.

Not to say that I have never done any of those things,