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Brett Lane Robertson (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 18:01:30 -0500

>On the Level I, II or III thing, Perhaps I missed something along the
>way, but from your previous description, i would thank that level III
>means schizophrenia, or something like similar. It seems to me that
>there is a difference between existing without a coherent sense of self,
>and being able to freely move between reality tunnels (paradigms I think
>is the term used here). What book should I get to read up on the level


I didn't invent the terminology...just responded to the content of a couple
of posts. I do not know if there is a coherent definition of level's 1,2,3,
etc. the way they are being used. I need to back down some here if I've
presented myself as an expert of any kind.

My own understanding of levels of "attainment" come from books by Carlos
Casteneda, books about the kabala, studies in Tarot (which usually
correspond to the kabala or hermeneutic tree of life), some of my own work
in memetics <> (where
a level-3 might correspond to the fifth "meme" in the chain--"object
permanence"--and be concerned with government and religion), philosophy
<> (where a level 3 might be
"subjective" reality). Just today, I envisioned a level-3 as "psychosis"
(similar to schizophrenia); with a level-2 being "borderline personality".
Some of the studies into the Merkabe might be useful to see where I'm coming
from. But this should in no way limit the level to any one aspect of itself
(it most probably has good and bad characteristics).

Adding the above into one statement, a level-3 would be: A subjective
reality within which one must use rules (government/religion) to find a
coherent sense of self.


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