RE: virus: META: a rule for the list

tom.holz (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 22:07:53 -0400

>I like your idea. Another question is why would we criticize each other
>rather than criticize out ideas? The hostility level is very high here.

Perhaps it's best to think of our selfs as emergent properties of our
brain, using memes as short-hand for replicating patterns (a subset of
ideas). Then if you are criticizing someone's memes (ideas), you are
criticizing their self. Unless they have a seperate meme(idea)space for
something like 'idle speculation'. If you know computers, think 'protected
memory' for your self.

>This maybe something which attracts people to this list. Reed asked a very
>important question if we were going anywhere in particular. There is no
>clear agenda, I think. Should there be?

how do you define agenda? "a list, plan, outline, or the like, of things
to be done, matters to be acted on or voted upon, etc"

We might want to limit try to reign in the discussion of X and try to talk
about <X>, and how it evolves, replicates, etc. Ie. rather than talk about
The existance of atoms/easter bunny, discuss how belief in atoms/easter
bunny afects it's host.

>Is it possible for an organism like this group to organize itself if
>an "A is no A" meme (aka. "I am always wrong") is spreading.
>I don't think so, but let's see. For now... as long as you can soot, shoot!

Haha! I can generate soot like you wouln't believe. And soot of all
types, even Buckyballs.