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It seems for the most part we agree. I am simply willing to pay more,
and legally force others to, to eliminate REALLY inefficient things. I
also think that the alternative to gasoline is so hight, because the
country as a whole is fighting against it. It is still embroiled in the
"Bigger is better mentality, and this causes a lot of neurosis' about

If your really against inefficient things the marketplace is what you want. People want the most for their money and if you let them make those choices efficiency is what you get. Don't worry about gas: if it gets in short supply the rise in prices will make something else the cheaper choice. The beauty of the market is that nobody is giving arbitrary orders from on high. Your particular pet peeve is gasoline driven cars. If you can come up with something cheaper and as reliable your going to make more money than you know what to do with it.

<big snip due to the general  agreement by the Nateman>

I do not think that capitalism is the best means of human enrichment. I
feel that at the moment though, it is.
So why for just at the moment? If you really thought the universe was a state of unknowable flux you'd probably be just another religious type.
Technology will eventually make
capitalism obsolete.
What causes technological development? The mind. How does ones get the mind to do this? By thinking. How  is thinking best achieved? Freedom. What are the requirements for freedom? Free speech and honest trade. What system does that best? Capitalism.
When all the needs af a majority of the population
can be met at virtually no cost, then capitalism will give way to the
next generation of large social structure. We are not there yet,
Here's a joke I heard was told in communist Russia. A large computer is asked when shall the state wither away and bring true communism. The computer answers : 1,000,000 miles. The men are dumbfounded and ask the computer what it means by that. The computer responds: according to the party everyday we are one step closer!The social structure as it really happens consists of government and it's laws. What system do you propose that best protects the functioning of the mind? (I'm assuming that your all in favor of the functioning of the mind. Your previous posts have led me to think that that is so)

At this point in humanities existence, the two areas I think we should
focus on are technological advancement and education to improve future
technological advancement.

Sounds good. How do you propose to get there? (My proposal: Legalize freedom)
A little quote from the top of this post:  Sodom: "It seems for the most part we agree"
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