Re: virus: Public education vs. freedom

Nathaniel Hall (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 23:42:21 -0600


chardin wrote:

So you favor segregated education?  Boys in one room or school and
girls in another?  Obviously, if they learn differently, this would
be ideal.
I favor education by the marketplace. If you wanted segregated education that would be the school you'd opt for. If you wanted coed then you'd opt for that . You don't have to pigeon-hole everybody in a one size fits all approach that way.  BTW  : I do think that segregated schools are better because boys are more aggressive. (You've seen it: the boy: ooooohh pick me! I know! I know! the girl : sits quietly with her hand raised but ignored).

How interesting!  Any time I disagree with you, it is become I have
learned drivel in public school!  What did you learn in public school
that was so horrible?

I don't accuse your religious beliefs of being school inspired drivel. But you know I disagree with them.

My main complaint with public school is that it is bureaucratic and
tends toward a foolish consistency.  I've encountered it many times
in dealing with school administration.  No one is more aware than I
of how what a problem this is.

If it was a private school you'd take your business elsewhere. Kind of hard to do that against a monopoly isn't it?

About the ideas you espouse?  That is ALL I heard in school.  The
free market place, the free market place...I thought I would hear
that until I puked.

Not in my school.  I can't speak for yours.
We fight wars because we are good and just and
true and the slant eyes are all commies.   If you didn't gear  your papers to agree with a
particular teacher you would get an "F."
I used to think that, but what a teacher generally wants is to be entertained by the paper. I made it a point in my latter years in college to find the greatest area of contention I could with a teacher and then I'd SLAM them in the paper! Not only was it fun but it got me good grades.
My sister and I were
talking the other day and she said " I remember that they would
assign a paper on Vietnam and if we didn't turn in a position
JUSTIFING" our being there, we would get a bad grade."
 I once had a civics teacher who give me a "U" in conduct because I argued with him that all union
members were not communists.  My dad happened to be in the union and
was immediately labeled a "communist" by this man.  I once had a
princple of a school tell me that it was a good thing I wasn't a boy
because he would have to replace the door--he said he would have
knocked me through it!   This was because I took a petition to him
asking for the right for girls to wear pants.  He was a very generous
man, however, he said that girls could wear "pantsuits" on Fridays.
Private schools would have to be more accommodating or they'd go broke.

I think I've seen a lot of problems in public
schools--funny, but those gangs you talk about was not the problem in
the school I was in.

They are now.
  Gangs cannot exist in absolute tyranny.
That's because the government IS the gang and is not about to let anyone else muscle in on their turf. 

But the kids who go to private schools can relate their own tales of
horror--we are not alone.

True but at least the parents can punish the school where it hurts most: In its wallet!
Yet, in spite of all my bad experiences I am not prepared to say that
we should scrap it all.  All human institutions have failings.  We
need to address the issues and try to improve--not destroy.  Chardin
I agree, let's improve the situation: the market will provide much better service.The Nateman