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Wed, 15 Oct 1997 09:26:49 CST+6CDT

Tad, while we are making analogies:

C comes into the sandbox
T and R are busy building their castles
"I think" says T to R, "there is someone else in our presence"
"Who do you think?" Asks R, adding to the sand heap?

T says something to the effect: her sandbox is not in this
playground; why is she wanting to have fun here?

Is C paranoid or was it coincidental that in an "off line"
discussion with T she said that she followed Christ and that his "kingdom
was not of this world".

I don't have the direct quote in front of me, Tad, but it went
something like this:

"There are priests coming into our level whose kingdom is not of this world who are
sneaking in to have their fun?" What is a 'paranoid' girl to think?

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> In our sandbox -- a metaphor.
> Children were playing in a sandbox and all of a sudden a little
> rocket hit N in the head.
> "Has anybody noticed that?" asked T. There was no doubt the rocket
> came from R's corner, but T could have been afraid to speak directly
> to R, who was known as a bully.
> "I noticed it", replied N, "Somewhat puzzling if you ask me."
> Some other kids seemed to have noticed it too. R didn't say
> anything and the little rockets kept hitting N once in a while. They
> were not that harmful, but little annoying.
> After a while N said to R: "Why do you keep hitting me with those
> little rockets. Everyone is now aware of your little manipulation,
> what's the point in continuing to do it?"
> "I never hit you with any rocket", said the bully, "Don't accuse
> people unless you are sure of your facts!"
> "I know it's a different case", said C all of a sudden, "but it
> pained my conscience when R said "Don't accuse people unless you are
> sure of your facts!". I made some accusations about R when I first
> came to this sandbox which were not true. I confused him with
> someone else--I did not have my facts straight. I wish to apologize
> for that. These are very good words to live by -- excellent
> philosophy."
> "I've seen four rockets hitting N from R's rocket launcher", said T,
> "I am really interested what R has to say about it."
> "You are making a big affair out of a small thing", said R, "We are
> both right. I never hit him, and my rocket launcher hit him. Have
> you figured out the puzzle yet?"
> All kids did not look puzzled at all when R explained: "I have an
> automatic missile release program in my rocket launcher. Whenever
> it spots a person whose name starts with an N it automatically
> fires. And it happened to be N who this smart program detected".
> Then he added: "Now shame on T for accusing me and shame on N for
> having lawyer-like dishonesty in his name!"
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> If you say: "Tad, kids are not that stupid" I agree with you.
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