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Wed, 15 Oct 1997 14:30:31 -0400

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, chardin wrote:
> > I used to dismiss the Bible as just a dusy old book written by a
> > bunch of men with beards so I understand how you feel. Have you
> ever
> > examined the Bible closely?
> Have you? Are you aware that the first two chapters of Genesis
> contain
> two separate creation myths? One matriarchal (Eve and Adam created in
> the
> same act) and one patriarchal (Eve from Adam's rib). Are you aware
> that
> the matriarchal one is written in an older version of Hebrew than the
> patriarchal myth? The mythology was rewritten when the Hebrews left
> the
> fertile, agrarian, female run Egypt and became a nomadic herding
> people
> lead by men. It was a meme that adapted to suit its culture. Are
> you among those who insist on treating a meme literally?
> > The Bible is made of different books written by different prophets,
> yet
> > they all have a central idea: He who is coming.
> This is not a central idea of the Old Testament. Count the
> references.
> Even stretching it to the broadest interpretation, there are very few
> mentions of a Messiah and it is not a central theme of modern Judaism
> either. Why not, if it was such a "central" idea?
> > Those prophets, hundreds and up to a thousand year before he came
> tells
> > us that the promised Messiah to be sent by God would:
> Okay, crack out your concordance, because your wrong about MOST of
> these:
> > 1) be born in Bethleham
> > 2) be called a Nazerene
> > 3) meek in character he will ride into Jerusalem on the back of an
> > ass and be declared Messiah (the book of Daniel tells you WHEN he
> > would ride in (a certain number of days after the going forth of a
> decree to rebuild
> > Jerusalem)--check it out in the secular books - there are two
> decrees
> > to rebuild Jerusalem--take either one of them and you are brought to
> > the time of Christ
> > 4) he will die but not for his own sins but for his people
> > 5) he is Mighty God yet lowly, poor, despised and rejected (well, it
> > confused the Jews too--for a long time they thought there might be
> > two Messiahs--one as King of an Army another as spiritual leader)
> > 6) he will be rejected by his own people
> > 7) he will be a light unto the Gentiles (the light you ridicule
> > constantly, Sodom)
> Have you read the Bible? You missed the ONLY one that is actually IN
> the
> O.T.--that he would be born of King David's line (But so was a quarter
> of
> Israel at the time).
> > All of this was predicted by JEWISH prophets up to at least a
> > thousand years before Jesus of Nazareth was born.
> Name them! I can only think of three and none of them are that
> specific.
> > Book of Daniel gives you an overview of the great world
> > governments--Babylonian, Persian, Greek & Roman. These are so
> > accurate, in fact, that many "scholars" say they must have been
> > written after the fact--prophets can't REALLY tell the future can
> > they?
> And Russian too. OOPS!!! The Soviet Union fell before Armageddon
> could
> happen. Well, we may just have to *re-interpret* that part again.
> It is a myth, a story, a metaphor, an analogy. Try getting the gist
> of
> the message instead of just reading the words! It is what Jesus would
> suggest.
> > The prophets also say that in the last days God will make Jerusalem
> a
> > "burdensome stone for all nations". Picked up a newspaper lately?
> Or 1000 years ago, or 200 years ago, or even 50. Amazing how a good
> story
> is relevant to EVERY generation isn't it?
> > Remember, these prophecies are all from the OLD
> > TESTAMENT--they are not Christain in origin.
> Only Christian in /interpretation/. Do you hear "backmasking" in
> McDonalds commercials as well? It says, "God is good, Jesus is
> Savior, Eat
> a hamburger!" What are the ODDS of that!!!
> -Prof. Tim

The Prof has spoken, holy cow that was nice. I was totally unaware of
the two creation myths, very nice. I am aware that the Sumerian version
is nearly identicle, but older. I actually like it more because the gods
seem are driven by human designs, much like the Greecian gods. The one
thing I can say about the Jewish/Christian/Islam god, is that it isn't
interested in money or slaves (in a direct sense) or personal wealth,
just your soul.

Bill Roh
It burns, it burns