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Richard Brodie (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 13:24:26 -0700

On Tuesday, October 14, 1997 4:40 PM, David McFadzean
[] wrote:
> I was reading "Getting Past OK" again last night. Great book, I still
> highly recommend it to everyone who hasn't picked it up yet.
> Anyway, I was re-reading the part about the "Truth Trap" and it
> is pretty obvious I am still in it (assuming it is a trap, of course).
> Level-3 seems to be predicated on the assumption that it is better
> to be happy than right, right? I mean, if truth and happiness conflict,
> then the L-3 master says so much the worse for truth, while someone
> in the "Truth Trap" would say so much the worse for happiness.

That's pretty close.

"Happiness" may not work for everybody as a life purpose more important
than being right, but the idea is you get to pick what you want your life
to be about.

I don't accept "being right" as a valid life purpose!

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