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chardin wrote:

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> > Marie,
> > Some of the differences are still beyond explanation, but most
> > aren't. The fat, nose, hands, folicle direction and a few others are
> > evolutionary swimmimg adaptations. No other ape can swim, these are
> > water adaptations. Another way is called RNA regression analysis.
> > By testing RNA, which is passed down female lines, we can tell
> > species divergence times, and thus discover where mankind diverged
> > from the apes. Using these techniques and others, there is no
> > scientific doubt that man is an ape.
> Can I get a pretty good reference on that last statement? Chardin

I'll look for the refrence, besides reading it, I also saw it on
the Discovery Channel's "Miracle Planet".

While my computer chugs:

1. Nose is downward to prevent water getting in
2. Hair folicles all point down to reduce resistence
3. Fat content to improve boyancy
4. Wide hands as improved "paddles"

Here is a good page for RNA and DNA stuff:

When I find the written adaptations to swimming, I'll pass that along

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