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Brett Lane Robertson (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 18:59:03 -0500

I got an answer for everything, mostly wrong but still an answer.
There are several chemicals that the mind makes specifically to cause
hallucinations. Seratonin has lots of uses, but can do this. Your brain
also make DMT (DiMethylTryptamine I think) which is a VERY serious
hallucinogen. The brain is full of them. In combination wit a seizure,
or even a waking twilight sleep, hallucinations do occur, in all of us.

As for dualism, I believe that this is taught by our society, and
religions. I do not hink that there is an underlying physical reason,
but there may be.

Bill Roh

I understood something from the post which suggested that hallucinations
were related to bi-cameral mind. Using the most simple dichotomy I can
think of in relation to human perception, "external" and "internal", I can
imagine that one purpose a bi-cameral mind might play in perception is to
give us an internal representation of external phenomenon. I can further
imagine that without an internal representation there would always be a
large gap in our understanding of would always be "out there"
without an internal frame of reference. It would always be "other".

If there were no way for us to internalize "other", everything would be
alien. External phenomenon would either be attributed to self or other but
never self-other, phenomenon would not have a certainty which reflects one's
certainty in their own being. Any mindset which has no personal basis for
comparison might exhibit both logical connections where none exist and a
failuer to make connections where connections might be made (attributing
sound to colors or what have you).

I like to see the external world as relative and the internal as
hierarchical (though this might be arbetrary, it is another bi-cameral
distinction which seems to have much importance in both finding a connection
between phenomenon--relativity--and as a means of noticing their
distinctions-- linearity). It would take a linear/relative relationship to
attribute cause (hierarchical) with effect (relativity). I can definitely
see some relationship between schizophrenia (loose relationships,
relativity) and rationality (linearity) which would suggest that
hallucinations might easily be related to the presence (or rather absence)
of a multi-lobed brain.


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